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Powerful performance
Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets for a quieter* and more powerful performance, but consumes less energy than a Universal Motor as it works according to the load size. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides outstanding durability** – backed-up by a 20 year warranty.

Fights stains, protects fabric
Eco Bubble™
Enjoy efficient cleaning, even at low temperatures* with Eco Bubble™ technology. Detergent is turned into bubbles, so it quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily, while saving energy and protecting its color and texture**.

Wash powerfully, efficiently & intelligently

Stylish & seamless design
Enhance your home with a sleek, premium look. The simple and flat design blends harmoniously with any modern interior space and will fit with other appliances and kitchen furniture. You also have the flexibility to install your washer and dryer together either horizontally or vertically*.

Wash more at once
Large Capacity
Wash many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. The washing machine has a large capacity, so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to do fewer washes and can enjoy more time for yourself.

One control for two*
All-in-one Control*
Control two machines using just one simple control to suit your needs*. When a clothes dryer is stacked up on the washer its All-in-one Control can be flexibly changed to control either. So you don’t need to stretch or use a remote control. Just select washer or dryer to enjoy easier laundry!

Powerful and effective clean in 30 mins*
Speed Shot
Complete a Cotton course in 30 minutes* with Speed Shot. Using Bubble Shot and Speed Spray technologies, it shoots powerful jets of water infused with detergent, which rapidly penetrate a large area of fabric. It also shoots clean water into the fabric to quickly extract more detergent residue.

Up to 99.9% sanitization of clothes*
Hygiene Steam
Give clothes a deep and hygienic clean. Hygiene Steam releases steam from the bottom of the drum. It removes ingrained grime and up to 99.9% of bacteria* and inactivate allergens derived from house dust mites**. Hygiene Steam cycle reduce exposure house dust mite, cat, dog, grass pollen and fungi

Less noisy vibration
VRT Plus™
Do your laundry anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Innovative VRT Plus™ technology reduces noise and vibration during washes*. A new frame design also provides great stability to minimize noisy movement. And vibration sensing technology detects and reduces vibration from the motor.

Keep the washer fresh
Drum Clean +
Keep the door and inside of your washer hygienically clean. Drum Clean + removes dirt and 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria* from the drum, without using detergent. A powerful water jet and fast spinning also remove grime from around the door gasket. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning

Stay clean with pets
Pet Care
Stay clean and smelling fresh if you have pets. The Pet Care course is 24% more effective at removing 7 types of pet soiling*. It also removes 99.9% of smells** caused by pet food and feces, as well as 99% of allergens*** from the fur and dust of pets. And it’s better at removing fecal stains