Samsung Bespoke Convection Microwave 30lt Grey- MC35R8088LG


•35L Capacity
•Convection Oven

•Output:  MWO   – 900 W
Grill (Sheath element) – 2250 W

Convection  – 2500 W

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•35L Capacity

•Convection Oven
•Output:  MWO   – 900 W
Grill (Sheath element) – 2250 W

Convection  – 2500 W

•Bespoke design

•Ceramic Enamel Cavity with 10 year warranty
Samsung’s new ceramic enamel interior – Highly scratch resistant, rust

resistant, 99% bacteria free and easy to clean. This keeps your microwave

hygienic and durable for longer.


•Triple Distribution System
The Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to warm milk comes out

perfectly prepared and delicious every time thanks to three microwave distribution points,

providing consistently even, thorough cooking.


•Home desert
No need to heat the oven and wait, simply prepare and select home deserts button with

with one simple touch.


•Air Fry
With Air Fry you can enjoy food that is perfectly fried using little oil. It uses

multiple heat sources and a pre-programmed Air Fry feature so food can be

cooked crispy inside, and out, with only a touch of oil. This is due to the heat

transfer rate being much higher than that of a normal convection oven.


•Convection oven temperature 40 ° –   230 °

•Steam cook  / Preheat / Keep warm / Power Defrost

•Auto Programs/ Auto Cook / 30 sec +  / LED Display

•Wire rack, Crusty Plate + Pro steamer
    Finish:  Clean Gray

Product Dimensions (W -528 H -404 D- 481 mm)